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Thread: Sarm beginner questions

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    Sarm beginner questions

    Sorry to trouble you and this maybe a dumb question being brand new. Ive watched alot of your videos. They're super helpful and much appreciated. Im still confused one which sarm would be best. Was looking at mk677 and gw to be safe but what would be the product to use if someone was 5'8 145 lbs with good nutrition and wanted to add size over time? I lift, wrestling and martial arts. Not really interested with something too fast or noticeable and wanted low suppression/side effects. Would product best for this situation? Would it require a A.i, pct, or organ shield? If so which ones? Thank you for your time!

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    what is your age mate your fairly light even for 5'8 . How long have you been lifting ? whats your diet like?

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    how old are you?

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