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Thread: Saran pct, mk-677 addition

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    Saran pct, mk-677 addition

    Hey guys,

    Did a Lgd cycle. 15mg weeks 1-12. I have Nolva on hand and plan to use it 4-5 days after cycle as I?m just waiting for it to clear my body. Is this needed? Also just got some mk-677 thinking about using that as an addition to help preserve gains. Any thoughts? Dosages? Thanks!

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    of course you need pct with lgd... did you run this and not have this planned out and researched?

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    No I did, I got it on hand and ready to use it. Was going to run 40mg of nolva for week 1 and 20mg for weeks 2-4. I have experience with AAS too, I guess my question rephrased is that since Lgd half life is approx 36 hours is it needed to wait for it to clear the body or should I use nolva now? I?m pretty sure it?s fine but I thought I?d ask here given that some of my other questions pre-cycle were clarified.

    Additionally I just picked up some ibutamoren. I know if probably would have been better to stack with lgd but I just didn?t get it till now. And it got me thinking that if it may assist even mildly with hgh and igf-1. Would it be worth running along side pct to assist in muscle preservation or am I wasting my time.

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    you can start pct the day after you finish your last dose of lgd... you can run mk677 at any time with anything... it should be ran at least 6 months but a year is most ideal... its always going to be a benefit and especially during pct...

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    Thanks that?s what I thought I just wanted to triple check on here thanks for the input

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    no problem....

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    You can certainly run it but you would probably be better to run Ostarine instead. Just keep it to 4 weeks at 25mg per day for preserving gains.
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