I noticed a huge change in the last 3 days, I'm getting a pretty long term pump; my upper body is just stiff. Especially after upper body exercises.
Noticeably hardening of muscles. SR has been a great help. Thinning out the skin around lower abs.

My gluteus medium and external obliques are more pronounced now.
I started at 140lbs. I'm still at 148 (just like third week), 11.5%bf (instead of 11.9), last year with my only and first cycle of var i went up to 150 (10mgs max dosage). Just for fun I measured my biceps, it's at 14.55 (before var 13.5 up to 14.25 last year).
Again, I still have not tighten the diet yet, hovering around 1800-1900 solid clean calories.
The only thing I did different this time is that I have been tripling the leg day per week since i hate cardio and cardarine is enabling me to do so.

It has been a wonderful journey