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Thread: S4 side effects

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    anytime bro

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    I dosed at 50 mg a day for 12 weeks and yes I did notice some yellow tint and eyes were sensitive when changing to different lighting but for me it wasnt to the point it was unbearable.

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    S4 side effects

    I ran one cycle of it. Unfortunately I had it enough that I have decided it was not for me.
    I was not able to do much after dark .
    Driving was difficult and I just avoided it.
    Lots more but just simply not for me. I stayed the course through the cycle and finished. Once done it did not take long for all to return to normal.
    All that said I would not let it stop anyone from trying it. Since I knew about it going in, it did not upset me. Having everyone here helped me get through it and I thank them all for the support and knowledge.
    Definitely follow the dosing protocol Dylan recommends.
    Good luck. Most people don’t experience it the way I did.
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    all you can do is try yourself... you are going to get so many different experiences and you just cant base it off any of them... the good and the bad... you have to just see how you personally tolerate it... the results are excellent if you can handle it... much more often than not, people tolerate it to make it through the cycle... i dont often see people not finishing it... some do have to go to five days on and 2 off but the only way to know is through your own trial and error with it...

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    True... I love when I was on it though. Was in a deficit and stayed strong and dry , vascular

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    I think a calorie deficit is where S4 shines.

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    s4 is as versatile as it comes and can be used in any scenario or goal you have

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