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    Hi guys! I started 10 mg LGD and 50 mg S4. (25+25) a week ago. I started with the yellow tint yesterday. Should I stop S4 or can I go ahead? Thanks
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    you can go ahead with it but just keep an eye on it...

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    Thank you! What should alert me apart from the color?

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    It just depends on your comfort level. Some people are fine with it and just ride out the entire cycle. Some people that drive at night may not like it so they stop using.
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    It isnt going to damage anything permanently, its temporary for a week or so after cycle. Mine is basically night vision with lights looking yellow and dim.

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    That's a common side effect, some get it some dont, if you are ok with it keep going, if not discontinue use.

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    Ok thanks to all of you

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    happy to help

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    No problem at all 😎💪

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