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Thread: Running Proviron with pro hormones ???

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    Running Proviron with pro hormones ???

    A friend of mine can’t pin not because he’s s scared but the whole girl friend thing lol. Anyways he asked if he could run Proviron with pro hormones and I was unsure because prohirmones shit you down so I’m assuming the Proviron would be useless since you won’t have any test to convert to free testosterone which is what Proviron does?

    Am I wrong

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    you asked if he could not whether he should... yes, of course he can... should he, well thats debatable... i wouldnt do any of it... if he cant pin, he shouldnt use anything steroid related, period... sarms, hgh, etc... ok, but not steroids or prohormones... why even waste the suppression, time and money

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    Yes I agree if you can’t pin don’t bother. Since Proviron takes your total test and moves some to free test wouldn’t the pro hormones shut him down and there wouldn’t be any total test to convert to free test?

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    not really, it wont make that big of an impact at all... hes going to feel like shit either way you look at it... proviron frees up bound testosterone caused by elevated shbg...

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    I'd suggest that he run a sarms cycle instead if he cant pin. That would be a much wiser choice

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