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Thread: Rich piana overdosed

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    Rich piana overdosed

    May die, check tmz for updates

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    Wow medically induced coma. Interesting.

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    For real, dam.

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    Damn I know rich has some over the top stuff but overal he seems like a real good dude .

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    I wasn't aware he had a drug problem

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    I really can't see rich using street drugs makes no sense

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    Probably pain killers...his ex wife claims he has scirosis of the liver, and I know he has skin maybe he got prescribed pain meds for the skin cancer surgeries?

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    i have no clue if hes using drugs or not but there are so many people that use drugs you would never think did... trust me... it may be pain killers though too... it would all be speculation so there's not going to be anything concrete until it is confirmed...we could wonder all day long but none of us really know... but to say you cant see someone using something means nothing, trust me...

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    Not with street drugs/pain meds.

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    I mean it wouldn't surprise me, but no one's ever accused him of it n he has a lot of haters out there

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