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Thread: Real or fake

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    Real or fake

    Hey guys so I came across some gear and the oil is super super thin. Tren ace and test prop. The test is super clear as well. Just want to get advice on if my source used a different oil to make it thinner. Iím using a 25 gauge and it comes out super quick. Iíve never had that before. I bought some test kits just waiting for them to come in. But definitely just wanted to ask as well.

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    The tren does look darker but is also thin and comes out very quick as well with the 25g

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    Not all carrier oils are the same and there's no way of knowing if you have a real or fake product by just reading your post. Next time avoid all of this trouble by using an ISARMs approved source.

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    like cbbram said thereís no true way of knowing unless itís tested. 90% of time visuals donít determine if gear is fake, unless itís a brand replica.

    Did you buy it from a. source here? If you did itís 100% fine..

    If not, what brand is it and where did you get it..?

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    we cant tell by your post or just seeing it if its real or fake man

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