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Thread: Real benefits of first bulk cycle of LGD-3044/ MK-2866 & GW(Cardarine)

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    Real benefits of first bulk cycle of LGD-3044/ MK-2866 & GW(Cardarine)

    Hello to all and have specific question for insight from Mr. Dylan. I enjoy learning from on your you tube videos about SARMS! I am 61.5 tall , 210-213 depending on water weight I guess. Im wanting to add on muscle for sure with SARMS as my PED only. I currently have enough quality sourced SARMSX for 12 weeks of Cardarine & LGD 3044 & 12 weeks worth of Ostarine. Ive been running LGD & Cardarine for just two weeks into first cycle experiencing great pumps/energy/ already feeling like Ive gained more fullness & size early into cycle. I listened and watched in one of your you tube videos that LGD & OSTARINE are a good combo, thus why I purchased the OSTARINE to add into my early on current cycle of LGD & CARDARINE. What are your cycle run suggestions for adding in the OSTARINE to my LGD & CARDARINE? What extra benefits am I doing for my muscles body etc by using these two SARMS with the CARDARINE?? Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my subject thread and questions.

    J in FLA

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    i already covered everything that mk2866 in that video along with over 10 other videos... lean muscle, healing, strength... i cant tell you the EXACT amount of weight you will gain man.. generally 5-7 clean pounds is achievable on average, sometimes more... not sure what else you are looking for but if you actually watched that video, i cover that... 25 mg per day, 12 weeks...

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    Thank you for replying back Dylan , I will stick with your instructions in the comparing LGD & MK 2866 stacking video 👍🏻

    J in FLA

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    no problem bro... check my sarms articles here for more in depth discussion as well.. i just spent hours on end putting all this info together to cover all the basics brother... thats why i took all that time...

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