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Thread: Rad140 Solo Run Log Clean Bulk

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    Day 5: Lifted this morning, pump was unreal despite being a heavier weight day. I don't wear super tight gym clothes but my shirt was definitely stretching by the end of my workout, although I did push more volume than usual. Strength was the same but recovery between sets was exceptional. I felt like I didn't even really need rest time. Appetite was up all weekend. I keep wondering it the lathargy from the rad is gonna hit me or not as it seems like it's a 50-50 shot whether it will or not. Did anyone ever figure out of it's solely from suppression? Or could there be a different reason?
    Honestly I haven't really heard too much about lethargy on rad140 from those that are running legit stuff

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    should not be any lethargy with any sarm aside from possibly the beginning of use with mk677.. other than that, you should feel great on any of them

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    Ok great to know. Thanks guys. I do feel like a million bucks.

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    anytime bro

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    Day 7 update: All I gotta say is Damn. We will see where this cycle goes but on other forums all the gear heads say sarms are a complete waste of time and money. I'm thinking they had bunk shit? I originally planned on eating maintenance for a while but I dropped that by day 3 cause I am just so fucking hungry always. Recovery is wayyyyy up, doms sets in like 8 hrs after a workout instead of the next day and is gone within 24 hours. The pump is unreal, I look leaner than when I started and am up 3lbs. Endurance is ridiculous, I used to sit between sets kind of gassed hoping im ready for the next set when my set timer and now I just sit there bored thinking why am I even waiting? This shit is great, that's all I gotta say.

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