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Thread: rad140 in my test and tren cycle. good or bad idea.?

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    Question SARMS IN MY TREN CYCLE. good or bad idea.?

    what's up everyone and much respect to Dylan. This is gonna be my third cycle. I'm 34, 5'7, and 185lbs I haven't checked body fat but guessing about 15%. I've been lifting for 4 consistently years now. I finished my second cycle in beginning of December and ran Pct for about 3 weeks then jumped on LGD and S4 I plan on stopping those tonight. I think I cut my Pct a little short but I feel fine. Back to my question, I got some test mix 325 and tren mix 200 and rad140. Is running RAD 140 in a roid cycle bad and is my cycle below Good or Bad.I don't prefer a mix of anything but that's what I got.
    so my/////Test Mix 325 has/// and my//////// Tren Mix 200 has
    //////////acetate 30mg, /////////////////////// acetate50mg
    ////////// decanoate 100mg, /////////////////// hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 50mg
    ////////// propionate 55mg, /////////////////// enanthate 100mg
    ///////// phenylpropionate 55mg,
    ///////// cypionate 85mg
    I plan on pinning 175mg of test and 100mg of tren on Fridays and again on tuesdays to get 325mg of test and 200 mg of tren a week, and was thinking of throwing in 20 mg of rad140 a day. I try to keep doses low to avoid problems and I usually see noticeable results. I'm trying to go for a recomposition look or a cut look. I need more discipline in my diet but this is what it looks like at the momment. 3 eggs at 7:30am, 3 eggs at 10:00am, 2 fillets of tilapia and can of green beans at 12:00pm then what ever my wife cooks for dinner and something like cereal or PB and jelly. I do plan on changing the diet around for the cut look and am also planning to get on Cardarine and Stenabloic after this cycle. Any recommendations are welcome.
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    i love you adding in rad here... thats a really strong addition with tren and i would HIGHLY suggest you use GW501516 to combat tren sides... not only does it offset the cardio issue but also protects cholesterol and blood pressure which are guaranteed to take a hit with tren... MAKE SURE you have the right quality though bro... has the highest quality you can find and i stand by that a million percent...

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    Hell yeah thanks for the response I'm stoked. I'm definitely gonna think about running GW with this. Thanks Dylan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matarr1321 View Post
    Hell yeah thanks for the response I'm stoked. I'm definitely gonna think about running GW with this. Thanks Dylan.
    i promise you it makes the biggest difference bro... once you run tren with it, you will always run them together... im happy to help so just let me know anytime you have further questions...

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