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Thread: RAD140 / Laxogenin

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    RAD140 / Laxogenin

    Hello everybody,
    I would like to know if higher doses of laxogenin itself (150-200mg) would help to push futher potential of a natty?

    Are we able to preserve the gains after an RAD cycle? Ive never done any form of cycles before and considering of getting in, eithee go for laxo and remain natty, or dive into RAD cycle.

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    You'd be better off just going with sarms in my opinion. What is your full stats, goals and training expereince?

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    not so much on the laxogenin bro... if you are going to go natty and go for more gains OR want something after an rad cycle, my new post ct product would do wonders for you.. here is the link...

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    Thanks Dylan, will the gains from rad be preserved after stopping the cycle?

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