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Thread: Rad140 20mg And Test e 350-400mg

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    Rad140 20mg And Test e 350-400mg

    Hi guys
    Looking to do my first cycle of test e, looking to bulk up. My question is, is stacking rad140 with test e beneficial. Two sides to this argument that I've come across.
    The rad 140 will "beat" the testosterone to the androgen receptors causing more of the exogenous test to become free test thus resulting in more estrogen and dht conversion
    I'm also read they synergise very well and you get gainz

    I want to bulk and I am attracted to the strength and lack of water retention that comes with rad - I have a feeling in a surplus with a clean diet it will work nicely with a reasonable dose of test behind it.

    Anyone stacked these two together? Am I essentially wasting a testosterone cycle?

    Thoughts please

    Additional info
    -finished a cut with osta and cardarine. Realistically probably sitting around 11-12%. I have found my maintenance calories and have been doing that for the last couple of months- will eat in a surplus of 300-500 to start the cycle.
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    first part of the argument is broscience and just honestly stupid and im truly sorry you were even fed that bull shit...

    it works so well with test man... i would definitely add it.. you can get the best quality at esarms.com

    run it 20 mg per day, 12 weeks

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    You can really run sarms with any AAS including testosterone with no issues.

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    The more the merrier!

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    There is no competition for androgen receptors with any compounds. Ever

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