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Thread: /Rad 140/ Mk2866/ GW501516/ SR9009/ 12 week Log

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    So quick update for everyone, first it feels amazing being at the gym again, 2nd my cardio has been cut in half and last but not least I am so weak with 2 moths off,

    I am lifting naturally all this week to get a baseline of my cardio strength and stamina naturally just getting back.

    Monday I start the 12 week sarms cycle my gym hours are all different so I took this week to get on a different sleep schedule so I can take full advantage of my cycle.

    Today I lifted for and hour , bench and I was gassed within 30 minutes, before I would go 2 hours no problem not exhausted till the very end, so I'm curious how GW501516 will improve cardiovascular. I didnt over do it lite weight and did 5x10 for everything. As I type this I am walking on 4.0 Incline for and hour at 2.5 speed trying to do what I can to help with my cut

    Also getting a baseline for strength flat bench I pulled off 8 clean reps at 185lbs and dropped back down to 45s and than 25s , overall I felt good but I can see all the definition I lost and alot of veins I had popping everywhere are all gone, so its 100% getting back and surpass what I was after 7 years of lifting everyday. And set a new goal and standard for my body.
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    awesome, thanks for the update

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanGemelli View Post
    awesome, thanks for the update
    Anytime, will update as much as possible, thanks for following 💪😎

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    Nice man keep up the hard work!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by awm View Post
    Nice man keep up the hard work!!
    Now that I am back I'm going after everything I lost and than some, just. Being here again has a fire started inside of my soul to do it, you as well brother keep working hard 💪💪

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    I know it's not exactly early in the AM, I bit the bullet and took my first dose of my full stack today ( just now actually) about to go train before work got a good 2 hours I can put in, I am not sure if it's just nerves or what , as soon as I took that first full dose of GW501516 I have this insane spike in energy like I was tired and had 300mg energy drink and hour ago and it doesnt ever hit me like that, it could be placebo as I know GW501516 takes a few days to kick in but holy shit my energy shot through the roof just now ( all sarms ingested on a basically empty stomach other than a Regin energy drink and hour ago) going to go train right now and see how it goes, I know it's not and instant thing, just wanted to toss a quick update in for everyone.

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    Wow what a killer work out today, ( still in the getting back into good form and full repetitions waking my body back up) today was back day, started out with bent over rows ( Standard grip and Reserve grip 5x10 both ways 100 total reps started with 25lb plates each side increased up to the final set of 45lb plates on each side didnt struggle at all if anything my mind was connected today and I didnt even get winded) moved to late pulldown 5x10 100lbs for each set ( super set with Seated cable row 5x10 100lbs each set ) at this point I was a little fatigued muscle wise but my cardio didnt even flinch and inch. I was so pumped up mind and body I couldn't stop pacing back and forth waiting to grind out the next set of 10, I havent felt that level of drive without pre workout ever, so that was awesome !

    Next up was standing cable rows from the floor 50lbs 2 different variations of rows 5x10 for a total of 100, I picked it up and it felt like 20lbs lol, I didnt expect it to feel so easy as I hadn't done any work out in 2 months, finished my work out off by doing 5x10 with 15lb DB for some lite accessory work, and super setted with some body weight dips 5x20 .

    The most amazing part is the cardiovascular endurance, this may sound weak to some but to me it was pretty awesome, did 30 minutes at a 6.0 Incline walked 1.50 Miles at 3.5 speed and burned 210 calories after my lifting session, crazy thing is my calves and legs on fire and had been my weak link here and it sucked happened 10 mins in, I can only suspect GW501516 pushed my body to keep going for 20 more minutes, while my legs hurt and got weak up hill my cardiovascular system wasn't even touched, normally by this point I would have been breathing heavy and gassed, but I could have went and extra 30 minutes uphill but I want to move up slowly and really see what this stack can do for me.

    All in all it felt like I wasn't even winded i just got out the gym and typing this and my breathing is normal like I had just been sitting around all day, and the instant spike in mindset and energy was crazy ! So far all positive

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    nice job bro!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanGemelli View Post
    nice job bro!!

    Thank you Dylan, really trying to maximize these 3 months and beyond, appreciate the comment as always, it's just the beginning, I know it's going to get alot better as the cycle goes on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topps_Baseball88 View Post
    Thank you Dylan, really trying to maximize these 3 months and beyond, appreciate the comment as always, it's just the beginning, I know it's going to get alot better as the cycle goes on.
    absolutely bro

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