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Thread: "I Love Juicing" LMFAO

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    Lol, that's a great story. Had a guy at work not long ago talking about how much he loved juicing, and at first I told hm he didn't quite look like a juicer and I never would have guessed. I told him I didn't even know he lifted, to which response he busted out in laughter and told me how funny I was. Then it hit me what he was really talking
    Bahahaha.. do u even lift bro? Oh whoops lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbbram View Post
    I like Triple D! (Diners, Drive Ins and Dives) makes my mouth water.
    Yup...great show. Used to like Bizarre Foods but they have started stretching it a bit to keep it interesting. ...lost interest.

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    my wife and i have been juicing each morning for years

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    Lol. I actually have the jack lalane power juicer. Celry and carrot juice freshly juiced is awesome. I luv juicking too.

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    "I Love Juicing" LMFAO

    I've had that confusion before. My girlfriend and I were in a supplement store talking to this employee who was explaining his regimen to us and she asks "do you juice?" And I looked at her in shock and then she realizes what it sounded like and says "like use a juicer with veggies!" And I busted out laughing. He probably did, but he had said he'd been using those OTC SARMs capsules which probably were something shady so i thought it was hilarious

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    I'm a boy meets grill type guy but a classic story.very funny

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    LOL. Classic, bro.

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