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Thread: Quick bulking update S4S Rad 140 Lgd S4 Gw

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    Quick bulking update S4S Rad 140 Lgd S4 Gw

    So other than a few life setbacks I am back boys and I've still been lifting strong throughout all the struggles as of late, this is me at 5'11 240lbs currently , I posted a picture of me shirtless from 6 months ago and one from the other day. All other pictures are currently while on my 2nd month of my S4S cycle. Had a few guys ask me if I was on D bol lol.

    These are the most up 2 date pics 2nd month of my cycle hopefully you guys can see a shit ton of progress like I do even though people say I look huge i feel fat but I know its just mainly i have a standard for myself and im not used 2 bulking but it's winter so figured I might as well
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