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    5’10 203. 18% bf 24 years old. Decided against SARMS but wanted to see what you guys use when you aren’t on cycle. I take creatine, protein powder, and eat a clean diet. What else can I add to really get the most out of being natural but not waste money. Oh and I take a multi with B vitamins.

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    Suppliments in my opinion are 5% of it at most. Do you track calories? If not, my fitness pal app would be a great suppliment for you

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    Diet and consistant heavy training will always be fundamental PEDS or not. PEDS can defiantly assist in taking your physique above its normal capacity but only if those fundamentals are in place. I didn't start PEDS till 40 and trained natural for 10 years consistant building a half decent foundation first. I tried just about every supplement etc out there . what I found is protein powders aren't essential but can help you get quick protein and calories in , preworkouts can give you a boost ive tried DMMA, DMHA all banned in Aust now . These days the only preworkouts I have is several black coffees a day.

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    Honestly, I used to be big into tracking calories. I just came off of a ketogenic cut and am looking to put on some lean mass now. My strength has never been an issue. My 1rm bench stayed at 405 throughout my cut. The only real change I noticed was in my shoulders. My overhead press took a heck of a hit. It’s the strangest thing. I can press 405 but I’ve never squat more than 415. My form is solid. I just don’t really know how to get it higher. Genetics I guess 🤷🏻*♂️. Lately I’ve been a cardio warrior but I’ve through about easing back. It’s helped my BP tremendously but I fear elevated cortisol. Any advice appreciated. You guys are the best!

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    Bro naturally benching and squatting double your body weight isnt bad going lol. Youll look much bigger if you can make that 18%bf 10% or close to

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    there are basic things you can use... creatine, etc... but you really wont find that you need a ton out there... i always use bcaas and glutamine and you could also use a test booster

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