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Thread: Question on pro hormones

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    Question on pro hormones

    Hey guys was going through some posts and read someone took a pro hormone well anyway a long time ago I ran a pro hormone but the new less strong ones. Anyway I am wondering if I should be fine. Because it was not just a pro hormone but a whole lot that included on cycle support and a pct. Anyway that was a pretty long time ago and since I have run some other things including a mini pct from sarms x. I am wondering if you all believe I should be good? I mean I feel good. Libido feels ok and generally I am feeling pretty ok. I am also just finishing a cycle of Cardarine from sarmsx as well. This is the final month. So yeah thanks guys

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    No way to even remotely answer that or speculate without bloodwork

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    Oh well I mean the pro hormone wasn't even that strong and plus it came with full pct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chico25 View Post
    Oh well I mean the pro hormone wasn't even that strong and plus it came with full pct.
    That still doesn't answer a thing bro. It's all speculation without actual numbers and values to go by

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    noone is capable of answering that ACCURATELY without bloodwork... noone

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    I think I'm alright plus I ran a pretty good pct a while back after an s4 cycle.

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    if you even have the slightest concern, why would you not get bloodwork? i dont get it

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    I was not concerned until I read some other posts on this a couple days ago. I feel fine though have no libido problems or anything and that is a good indicator of problems with fucked up cycles so I think I'm good.

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    you think? bro, you wouldnt have asked if there was not some concern and you should be getting bloodwork after every cycle you do

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    I just got concerned because I read some other guy had problems I mean the guy was having problems getting erections I'm not. I'm pretty sure if I was fucked I would know I was just curious. I will try to get blood work but I'm pretty sure it will come back fine as my libido is pretty good. That's a good indicator of hormonal problems

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