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Thread: Question about red blood cell count

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    Question about red blood cell count

    First off I know the importance of donating blood and that donating will bring the count down. Is it not beneficial to have a slightly elevated RBC count while on? Reference range is 4.14-5.80. Blood pressure is good and the rest of the blood panel is in range (besides test) which is elevated. Is 6.03 RBC count too high? I feel great and my endurance is fantastic. Is there a specific number that when reached donation is necessary?

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    My doc told me I was lucky to have high RBC because it was like free and easy doping. He was actually jealous.

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    No idea on numbers, an increase in rbc can certainly help give you a better pump in the gym and increase endurance but i wouldn't consider that beneficial over your health. I would highly recommend donating if your running things like adrol, Eq, all aas can increase rbc but those two majorly...its good safe practice to donate.

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    I certainly wouldn’t ignore it. High RBC, if ignored, could lead to other health related issues like clotting, etc.

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    i wouldnt ignore this either... you dont want it to get out of hand and anytime anything is elevated, you should trying to get it closer to the proper range...

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    You don't ever want your RBC count getting too high. It thickens your blood and your chance of heart attack and stroke goes up substantially. Not a risk worth taking. Even though mine is always within ramge I still give blood every 8 weeks like clockwork. Health and longevity first and foremost

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    I appreciate the responses guys. I would never ignore this. I would like to keep the advantage of a slighter higher count while on cycle only. I was just wondering how high is too high. Guess I will just donate to keep it in the normal range and keep it simple. I just feel really good right now. Dylan I wanted to just give you some feedback on Organ ST. My blood pressure is great when taking this product. Doctor was very happy.

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    awesome brother! thats what i like to hear!! thanks for the update!

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    High RBC will make your blood thicker, and overload your kidneys among other things. Donate blood every 2 months and this will not be, at all an issue for you from now on

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