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    Why do women respond to sarms at lower dosages than men? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? (Men responding better)

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    women are generally much smaller than men are in most cases and their bodies just respond differently than men... they barely need much of anything when it comes to sarms or steroids where men need much larger doses generally... steroids especially really are not intended for female use as it is..

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    So if there was a way to make men as sensitive to the anabolic response of sarms and steroids as women, that would be highly valuable?

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    well i think its fairly obvious that one would want to run the lowest doses possible and get the most results to put the least amount of strain on their body

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    Is this partly what makes genetic freaks (likely pro bodybuilders) get the incredible results they do? An enhanced response to anabolics?

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    of course they have better genetics than the everyday person... many are said to have a strong resistance to myostatin etc... thats an entirely different topic... they clearly are generally much more genetically superior in that regard... not every person can blast steroids and look like a pro.. they have other internal advantages that the every day person doesnt have...

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    I’m aware of myostatin. I’m thinking there might be an attribute normally found in women in regards to anabolic response also found in some of these men. Similar to how some brilliant scientists like Eistein had brains with female brain structure similarities that imparted positive attributes over a stereotypical male or female brain.

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    Females respond to low doses because they carry much lower muscle mass. It's like a man being equivalent to a car with 400hp and a woman being like a Prius. Who do you think will respond better to adding 50hp? The Prius would respond like a mother fucker.

    Guys that are undersized or those that experience muscle wasting diseases can also respond highly to low dosages.

    Muscle is HP in humans. The more you have, the more it takes to make a noticeable difference or improvement. Do you think a guy that's 250 lean on stage can respond to low doses of anabolics? Hell no. He probably needs high doses just to maintain what he has, and then has to run even higher to gain even a pound or two of lean mass

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