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Thread: TRT and sarms

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    TRT and sarms

    Hi Dylan, hope you are well!

    I was obese most of my life before I started changing my life, trained for 3 years naturally got lean, maintained that and started running gear and doing shows.

    Long story short I had recovery issues and started TRT last year and a half because my coach at the time fucked up PCT.

    I was suppose to do a show yesterday but was researching your videos over PCT 4-5 times a day maybe (Lol) and you had a video when you mentioned that guys on TRT recovered perfectly with MK2866 and GW501516.

    Im now on my 3rd week off gear, definitely lost some strength and acording to calculations my blood levels of T were good to start PCT.

    Took my first dose of GW and MK last night (with serms of course) and today another dose at 5AM pre workout.

    HOLY SHIT Man, I kid you not my mind was blown so much endurance, i was able to come back near to the weights I was lifting doing tren but for 20-25 reps!

    I feel amazing no lethargy. No extreme dosage of clomid, just as you suggested.

    I am now optimistic about recovering completely, stopping with gear and sticking to sarms.

    I earned m life back, my wife earned her husband and my kid earne his dad back..

    So thank you so much for th information you put out, its moments like this that you know you helped so many people get their life back.

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    you are very welcome brother... im more than happy to help! heres a video i did in sarms and trt to help you even further and also, MAKE SURE that you always have the best quality you can find which is at and i stand by that a million percent...

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