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Thread: Proper Cycle Instructions (step by step)

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    Proper Cycle Instructions (step by step)

    Hello Dylan Gemelli & everyone!
    Huge fan I admire what you do for this community and the knowledge you share with all of us. I wanted to reach out for some assistance on my cycle. I would like to know the breakdown process from the first step to the last step to make sure I do my cycle correctly. I know different injections sites is ideal and also diet and proper nutrition is critical so please inform me. I have done my research, but as you may know there are a lot of bs online and can be difficult to decide on what to follow. My cycle is as follows listed below and I know my pct is not complete so any advice please. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated thank you!

    Complete Stats

    Age: 26
    Height: 5ft 11
    Weight: 190
    Body fat: 15%
    Years of training: 4 years
    Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run)
    PCT for each cycle: N/A, this is my first cycle.
    Goals: Lose some body fat but most importantly also gain lean mass
    Supplements: Whey Protein, Creatine, and multivitamins.
    General idea of nutrition (any food allergies???): overall my diet is not horrible but can always be improved more strict. No food allergies.
    Any other relevant info (injuries, surgeries you've had, etc.): Shoulder dislocation, bad ankles (sprain easily if I step slightly wrong) and no to any surgeries.

    Proposed Cycle in mind

    2 10mL vials of EQuitest 400MG each.
    1 10mL vial of Enanthate 250MG.
    1 10mL vial of Deca 200MG.

    PCT: 30 oral pills of Nolvadex.
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    Hello Jpinedo791 we would be more than glad to assist you, please provide us with your full and proper stats so we can give you proper guidance

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    Bro 2 things..your suggested products are not gona form a proper cycle and pct...2- I doubt Dylan will spoon feed u a step by step guide on this without u at least trying to research before u ask

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    DON’T ask anyone to build a cycle for you. This is the epitome of laziness. Propose a cycle and we will critique it.

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    I am not asking for anyone to "build" me a cycle as my proposed cycle is listed which I know needs improvement hence why I'm asking for advice. I am also not asking to be "spoon fed" as I have already done my research and in case you didn't know there is a lot of BS online. I come to this site to ask experienced veterans who are familiar with cycles who can provide honest and correct education based on truth and experience. I know running a cycle is some serious stuff so I would appreciate the advice.

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    Well. A first cycle is test eq no deca.
    Pct will require Nolvadex and Clomid.

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    bro, if you had actually done research you would know how ridiculous this cycle proposal is... now, i will absolutely help you bro, for sure, but you have to come join me on the planet earth... you cant run that many compounds on a first cycle broseph... thats absurd... deca on a first cycle? eq? eq needs to be ran a MINIMUM of 16 weeks.. you dont run first cycles that long... you go with test only and if you want to add a few sarms in there, then you can do that but you are turning this into a sprint as opposed to a marathon and that is a dangerous game you are attempting to play... you need to slow down bro... in a major way... also bro, you said your diet is horrible... you cant use steroids without having a consistent diet, well, i take that back, you can but its about the stupidest thing you could do... you are not ready yet bro... i mean, if you want to do it , go for it but i dont advise people to do things that i know are detrimental for them... you absolutely can get there but you have work to do first man... i want to help you but im not the guy that tells you what you want to hear, i tell you the facts and the truth bro

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    THANK YOU Dylan! That is what I want is the truth and facts not what I want to hear. See I have been told that nothing is like your first cycle so pretty much go big or go home to get the most out of it. The proposed cycle listed was done by a friend of mine who competes, but I still thought it was too much of the dosage and cycle he recommended. This also came from multiple people that compete at a gym I go to. Then I was also told the same thing multiple times to only run Test for my first cycle, so that mixed with different answers online as well confused the crap out of me. And my diet is not horrible it's actually fairly decent overall healthy but not as strict as if I was on a cycle or competing. So I will do Test for 12 weeks and my pct will include Nolvadex and Clomid sound good?
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    No an AAS PCT is gw, ostarine, nolva, clomid, and aromasin.

    HCG can be taken last several weeks of the cycle
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