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Thread: Product COA's (Certificates of Analysis)

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    Product COA's (Certificates of Analysis)

    We wanted to provide you with some COA's (Certificate of Analysis) for our products. We will be getting more done in the coming months but as you can see, the product quality is top level. These can all be verified with Colmaric Analytics as well. Rest assured we will bring the best quality products out there!

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    Excellent thanks for sharing!

    Discount code Launch15


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    its about time we saw something like this! I love it!

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    I love seeing this to back up all the great quality I leep hearing about

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    Amazing stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbbram View Post
    Excellent thanks for sharing!

    Discount code Launch15

    time to take advantage of this deal guys


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    I just love this... to have this to show and bring confidence in what we are getting is so nice to see

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    We will be adding more COA's in April!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SARMS4Sale View Post
    We will be adding more COA's in April!

    Discount code Launch15


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    It?s always good to see companies post (Certificate of Analysis) but you are using the same company as Proven Peptides and They also claim to have real Sarms touting their COA?s. I know your company is being sponsored by the moderators on this forum but other then trying out your Sarms for ourselves and getting bloods done, how can you guarantee your company is no different than the two previously companies mentioned? I guess only time will tell.

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