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Thread: Prexisting Gyno with Ostarine

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    Prexisting Gyno with Ostarine

    Ok I have a mild case of preexisting gyno from a tren cycle about 10 years back and now I am currently running Ostarine and Cardarine both at 20mg a day. I see a lot of conflicting information all over the place so now i'm wondering should I take a low dose of anastrozole with it. I have the anastrozole on hand.

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    sarms do not convert to estrogen so using an ai is not necessary

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    Thanks, yeah I know they don't convert but I seen something about sarms beating test to the receptor leaving test kind of floating around and can convert that way. Not sure if it's true or not just something I came across with my research.

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    you do not need an ai unless of the possibility you have a fake sarm

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    pure rawz ostarine and narrows labs cardarine

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    Quote Originally Posted by PC2018 View Post
    pure rawz ostarine and narrows labs cardarine
    You definitely dint have authentic sarms so if u use them u better be on guard the entire time

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