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    Hi peoples Iím a menís physique competitor I have done a hand full of competitions so far dating last year

    I have only run a cycle previously I had a lot of success from the blue print I got from Dylan and Rick

    My question is how do other competitors run drugs in a off season and then again pre contest

    How much time do people usually take of in between cycles and how long are each cycle pre contest/ off season of course it will be subjective to the athlete requirements and drug list though what is a rough idea or layout

    How many Individuals cycles would a competitor run

    Personally I do blood test prior acycle and after PCT so itís and indication of where I am at although I have only run a cycle not numerous per year

    I hope it wasnít too much to answer


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    everyone is different in what they do and i've coached so many and taught many different ways.. ill let some competitors chime in with what they personally do but it really comes down to trial and error and figuring what is most conducive to goals, wants and how certain people respond to different compounds

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    I get you thought because at the end of the day I want to attain mass of course but cleanly an off season would be benifical and I have an idea of how I would run such a cycle
    Test E 350mg 1-12wks
    EQ 600mg 1-12 wks
    Dbol 10mg 1-3wks alter depending on reaction
    Proviron 50mg just because its the business and dry
    Aromasin eod

    I also of course know how to do a precontest cycle I guess if anyone wants to assist me a significant question is how long do the take between off season cycles and pre contest cycles blood work of course will determine

    Thanks for reply Dylan and yeah any fellow competitors have any knowledge maybe share what they have done

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    no problem

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    After some research iv planned how to run my off season into my prep cycle only way to know is by blood work to show recovery
    Iv decided to limit the time I’m on cycle thus I’m doing a 6 week cycle I was wondering how you would might plan this using tren a and test s what dosages I want as minor amount as necessary what is your expertise say what other compounds could be used as fast acting compounds in a short cut for a show


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