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Thread: Pre workout

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    Pre workout

    What is your favorite pre workout?

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    i just use cellucor on the go... the pre made drinks... they do the trick for me extremely well

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    I use woke AF by Das labs and full as fuck by rich Piana that combo is fricking stellar

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    5150.....though its stim not very often....i like kill it....but lately just get six star explosion got just enough of$14 bucks....or just a blue no cal monster....

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    Just got some Apeshit because, well, the name really. Kind of hoped to get a T-shirt with the deal....I'll report back when I have tried it....

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    I prefer Pre-Jym to anything else I've ever tried.

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    I've used so many I lost count lol. Right now I'm running through the dozens of different samples I got from the Arnold so it's something different every day. There's a lot of good ones out there honestly. In the past I had great success with 1MR from BPI and Ruckus from MTS nutrition. I used yeah buddy which is in the Ronnie Coleman line but it was just too much stim even for me.

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    Most of them are the same old shit. Lately I have been doing intermittent fasting so I don't actually eat my first mean until after I train each day. You would be amazed at how good pumps are when you train with nothing but water in your system.

    The most effective stimulant pre workout is honestly just a pure caffeine pill. It is dirt cheap and works really quickly. Either that or just a cup of black coffee. Even then, I would only use it when needed. Say you had a bad night sleep or had to train super early for some reason. I really believe that food and/or water is all you need before training. It obviously depends on your goals.
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    Cellucor C4 or ESP by Metabolic Nutrition

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    C4 and a big shot of BGS NO ester TREN/TEST/ANADROL ... BEAST MODE !!!!!!

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