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Thread: Pre- load needle

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    Pre- load needle

    Does anyone pre load 1 or 2 needles at a time? I'm using 28g insulin needle, with Test E, and feels like it takes for ever to draw 6cc's, lol. Just looking to see if anyone does this?

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    Sure I might do 2-3, especially if I'm I using peptides that pin every day.

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    6cc dang sounds like A lot. I have pre loaded before but I don?t pin more then a CC and a half at a time depending on the compounds used anymore. That?s the thing with insulin needles they feel so much better but take for ever to get the gear in that barrel. I only use insulin needles for injection.

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    Should clarify, 60 units of Test E, so, 150mg. Bottle is 250 per mg/ml.

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    i dont but some people do

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    Quote Originally Posted by theranch2 View Post
    Should clarify, 60 units of Test E, so, 150mg. Bottle is 250 per mg/ml.
    Ha ok that make sense 6cc would like half a bottle at a time lol.

    I use a 27g needle which is juts a tad bigger then what your using and yes the gear takes a little longer but not to bad I only inject 1ml split between 3 injections a week so I don?t mind it really. If I were running a heavier cycle then I could justify pre loading which I prob still

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    I've never done it

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    i do sometimes on ed or eod pins up to 2 ahead

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    Thanks for the replies everyone.

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    happy to help

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