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Thread: Pre-Cycle Blood Question

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    Pre-Cycle Blood Question

    So just had my pre cycle bloods done for cycle I planned on starting in next month or so pending what my bloodwork looked like. Just wanted to get some opinions on my low FSH and LSH. Also my cholesterol is high but I normally run on the higher range and I'm currently on accutane which has raised it per my last bloodwork.

    Stats 29yo
    5'11 198lbs
    12.5% BF
    Run about 1 12-16 week cycle a year

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    lh is not horrible but fsh is quite low brother... not crazy bad on the cholesterol but its still worrisome as well... what kind of cycle did you last run and how does this compare to your last set of blood work?

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    How do these numbers compare to previous numbers?

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    Last cycle was a test, primo winny cycle but that wrapped up last Aug then I did a sarmsx s4, GW, sr cycle and finished the PCT for that in February. Last blood work was last fall, compared to that my cholesterol is elevated and my lh and FSH dropped, more specifically my FSH was 5.2 before. Just wanted to know why the drop. Not sure how important it is. Done alot of reading as to reasons why it could be low, one of which is stress and I have a ton of work related stress, but not sure that's enough to quantify this kinda drop.

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