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Thread: Prami vs Caber

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    Prami vs Caber

    I've never taken Prami before but my source has 0.25mg tabs. Are the sides a lot worse than Caber? Is Prami taken everyday or twice a week like Caber?

    I know I'm usually the one providing the answers but this is uncharted territory for me.

    Hope to hear from people who have used both as I've used Caber several times but never Prami.

    Thanks again

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    I only use caber (0.25mg e3d) when I'm on 19-nors, but I think prami is 0.25mg (or less because it has sides) dosed eod (short half life).

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    prami is actually more effective than caber but it definitely has more sides... some people tolerate it much better than others.. .you want to ease into the dosing... people like caber because its less sides and you have to take it far less frequently... prami is every day generally

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    I really didn't knew about Prami.
    Have to take a look on it since it is more effective as Dylan said.

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