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    Has anyone here used Androgel before? I am currently running a Rad/Osta stack and my blood work indicates low testosterone. Could I use Androgel while on a cycle, or even afterwards, to get my test levels back to normal?

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    Using a testosterone supplement is only going to further suppress you in the long term. It will bring your levels back up while on cycle but once you stop using it then you’ll have bigger problems. Androgel is meant for TRT.

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    how on earth would androgel get your test back up? its MORE suppressive.. thats only going to make things worse

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    Androgel is not a natural testosterone booster it is Testosterone. It will further suppress your natural testosterone levels.

    I recommend a natural test booster such as Ostazol (M1-MK) from Banned Nutrition.

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    That would just fully suppress you.

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    Thats not a good idea at all, it will just suppress and make things worst

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    If you are asking if you can use it as a base, then yes. But at that point, you may as well run a full aas cycle. What everyone else is saying is absolutely right; taking androgel will take you to complete shutdown whereas the sarms will just suppress you.

    M1-Mk mitigates this issue

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