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Thread: Possible gyno symptoms

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    Possible gyno symptoms

    I am in week 3 of my first cycle at 400mg/week of testosterone. And aromidex 0.5mg every day.
    I planned on getting bloodwork at week 5 or 6 so I havent yet.
    I have very mild gyno from puberty so my nipples are slightly puffy normally. But I have began to notice a slight sensitivity in them today.
    Not sure what to do at this point.
    Should I get bloodwork this early in my cycle?
    Up the dose of aromidex to 1mg every day?
    Possibly look into switching to aromasin mid cycle?
    I have also heard from a couple places about people running a low dose of a serm with an AI to help combat gyno, but I havent seen much on that

    Also as a side not. I am not retaining any water and have no erectile issues. So I feel like my estrogen cant be to high
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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