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Thread: Testosterone Cypionate cycle

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    Testosterone Cypionate cycle

    What's up Dee. U have helped me out in the past with great results. Here is another question for you. Can i run 20 mg of cardarine along my 500 mg of cypionate a week and 75 mg of proviron together? Or is the Cardarine juat a waste at the moment and should I just keep it for my PCT.
    My next question is this. On 500 mg a week of cypionate. Let's say I do a shot on Tuesday and my next shot on Friday. Do i keep that same Tuesday and Friday schedule. Or do I pin my cyp every 3 days?
    Thanks again for being a mentor to all of us.

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    cardarine is never a waste on any boosts the intensity of your workouts so it's useful even when you're bulking it also improves your lipids profile which is very useful on a cycle. Pin the cyp twice a week , monday and thursday should be fine or tuesday and friday is ok also, do you have aromasin 12.5 mg e2d?

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    you definitely can and its far from a waste.. its going to enhance your cycle to a much higher extent... its definitely a great option to add

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    There is literally never a bad time to use GW. It's ALWAYS a great addition in any scenario

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