Hi Dylan,

I was just curious if I could get some advice off you seeing as you are a expert in this field.

Background story:
So basically I want to come completely off steroids in a few months time. I am 22yo (nearly 23yo) and have been blasting and cruising since Christmas last year (7 months). I plan to come off steroids with a total of 9-10 months of use.

My 2 blasts so far have been 400mg/week of Test E only for 14 weeks, then i was on a cruise dosage of 175mg/week for 8 weeks. and this current blast im doing is 500mg/week of test E only for only 8-10 weeks (ends in a couple weeks). Basically after that I will go back to 175mg/week cruise dose for 1-2 months and want to come completely off.

My question is how should I go about coming off? Do i need to run HCG? I will of course be using chlomid and nolvadex but I would like your advice on dosages and for how long to run the PCT due to me being shut down for 9-10 months total.

Thank you Dylan, I know you are a busy man but any advice would be great as I am starting to become quite anxious and worried about the process of coming off.