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Thread: Plateau During A Sarm cycle

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    Plateau During A Sarm cycle

    Hey Dylan, recently I ran lgd 4033 at 10mg everyday for 12 weeks, I am a healthy male in my twenties.
    When I started the cycle in the first 5 weeks I gained 10lbs of weight but after that plateaued for 4 weeks and then gained a pound in 3 weeks. I was progressively overloading and was consuming a good caloric surplus high protein clean diet.
    One thing I would like to mention is that during 6-8 week period I didn't drink enough water prolly 1-2 ltrs a day .
    What is the reason behind the plateau? So that I can rectify it and don't plateau in my next cycle

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    Let me get this straight you gained 14 pounds and your crying about that? Dude what your think your juts gonna keep growing and growing? Ha sorry to hear about your 14 pounds u gained and not the 50 u were expecting.

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    There could be many factors but I consider this a successful cycle. It takes years and years of dedicated eating and cycles to keep gaining.

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    That sounds like you had a really good cycle to me. Any long cycle fades on the back end, as your body won't let you grow indefinitely.

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    if you gained 10 lbs that fast then you didnt have anywhere else to go... you think you just keep gaining non stop? im sure you still increased strength and performance etc which you needed to keep that weight but you have no reason whatsoever to be complaining about what you gained... thats A LOT for a sarms cycle...

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    Thanks for clearing it , I wanted to clear my thoughts as Dylan said in 1 of his videos that 8-12 week is the prime period of gains, so I wanted to know If I had done anything wrong,anyways Thanks

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    i never said that was the prime period for gains... i said it peaked at week 8 and there were still gains to be made at that point.. i never said that was the prime period

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    I'd say that gaining 10 lbs for the first few weeks and then some thereafter is pretty good progress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by datazeer View Post
    I'd say that gaining 10 lbs for the first few weeks and then some thereafter is pretty good progress.
    to say the least... there are more to gains than just pounds as well.. strength, performance etc... everyone has a different definition or value on gains dependent upon what they are trying to accomplish..

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