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Thread: Peptides COMING SOON!! Please Read!

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    Peptides COMING SOON!! Please Read!

    We are roughly one week away from launching a brand new peptide section to enhance our store! I have previously posted about which peptides will be included in the store! We will have them on the current site but we will also have a separate site you can go to as well. will also have everything featured there! I hope everyone is excited and ready!

    Just for a reminder, this is the list of what we will carry to start with

    GHRP-2 5 MG

    GHRP-6 5 MG

    CJC w/DAC 2 MG



    Semorelin 2 MG

    Hexarelin 2 MG

    PT-141 10 MG

    TB-500 2 MG

    TB-500 5 MG

    BPC-157 5 MG

    BPC-157 10 MG

    Melanotan 1 10 MG

    Melanotan 2 10 MG

    HGH Fragment 2 MG

    Follistatin 344 1 MG

    Glutathione 600 MG

    We have tried to bring you the most popular and widely used options possible! Stay tuned and get ready!!

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    nice bro if anyone wants a good repair stack alongside what they are currently on check out BPC and TB500. they do work but you gotta use them for more than a few weeks.

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    this is so awesome!! i love it!

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    That's a pretty big list

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbbram View Post
    That's a pretty big list
    definitely more than i would expect on a launch... theres plenty for everyone to choose from

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    i?m so excited for this!

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    Awesome news. Many have been waiting for this

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    ill let s4s post on the exact date but last i heard, it should be any day!

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    I have been using prescription BPC and thymosin for a recent broken arm in jujitsu. Count em, now 6 breaks. It's a great stack, recovery time was literally half w it would have been without those 2. Good stuff.

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