First off, thanks for this forum. I?ve done so much reading on here.

So, I originally ordered LGD, GW, and MK 2866 from peptide warehouse and had major headache issues, ibs, very cloudy/unfocused and although I gained a lot of muscle quickly, I was also was very bloated. I emailed them about my side effects and they never responded.

That?s when I came across this forum and and ordered there. No side effects issues at all and I am getting leaner while lifting heavier. They shipped so quickly. It?s more money, but I can see the difference. I?m so impressed.

I?m really thinking it was prohormones now after researching these forums. Just thought I would share if it can help anyone else.

I went on two rounds from peptide warehouse - 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off. I?m thinking I should do a PCT, right? Any recommendations?