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Thread: Ped’s for healing

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    Ped’s for healing

    Next Thursday I am having my C5 and my C6 vertebrae fused together and I was wondering if there are any Sarms or AAS That will help me speed up recovery thanks

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    Ostarine can beneficial with many types of healing, but I don't know that it can help accelerate the fusing process

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    Maybe MK 677

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    the two that you would want are mk2866 (ostabolic) at mk677 (nutrabol)... you can get what you need at

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    MK-677 and MK-2866

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    anytime brother

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    I personally think MK 677 would be good for you. Good luck!

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    You can definitely go with the MK677. Great product overall. Get it from though

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    You can't go wwrong with MK677.
    But it's pretty hard to find it, I can't find it on esarms.

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