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Thread: PCT while on TRT??

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    PCT while on TRT??

    Hey Dylan,

    Just want to say love your videos and your channel on YouTube. It has helped me a lot, and I was very disappointed when I found out it got shut down. Anyways I had a few questions for you. I have recently been started on TRT by my doctor. 60mg of test cyp per week with arimidex and 500units of HCG. All my levels seem to be in the optimal range after 8 weeks bloodwork. I have been working out for just under 10 years naturally. Needless to say I feel better being on TRT. Now.. If I decided to bump my test to 150mg per week with 50mg of proviron everyday. After my cycle I will just cut back to the regular TRT dose of 60mg per week. Now because I will still be using testosterone and essentially never coming off. My question for you is. Do I still need to do a pct?? I have tried to find information for months on the internet, and all that seems to come up is I would not need to do standard pct because I am on TRT? Hope this question makes sense. And thank you so much for your time!!

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    if you are on trt you do not need any pct

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    Just drop back to your TRT dose after your cycle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanGemelli View Post
    if you are on trt you do not need any pct

    Thank you for your reply! Looking forward to more of your videos!

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    Thanks for your reply!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncer900 View Post
    Thank you for your reply! Looking forward to more of your videos!
    happy to help bro

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    No pct needed if on trt

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    First of all no offense to anyone but how can someone not know there's no PCT when you're on TRT? That REALLY WORRIES me...

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    Yeah no offense taken, and thats the conclusion I was coming to time and time again. Just wanted some confirmation from some people that have more experience. Just started researching all this stuff recently since going on TRT. And there is also mixed opinions on the internet which ended up confusing me at times.

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    TRT is for life and you'll just have to incorporate it into your lifestyle. I've been on TRT for nearly 5 years now and I couldn't be any happier.

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