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Thread: PCT coming up HCG question

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    PCT coming up HCG question

    So I’m two months into my cycle and PCT is coming up.

    Going to do my usual Post CT, chlomid,nova,aromosin,gw but I want to try HCG simply for am I right to go with 3000 IUs a week for the last 4 weeks of my cycle ???

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    1000 ius per week.. 3000 is far too much and completely unnecessary

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    Cool and I’m good to do it the last 4 weeks of my cycle?

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    yes thats fine if you want to but its not necessary

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    How long should I run it and when do I start?

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    4 weeks, last four weeks of your cycle...

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    Cool sounds good

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    Yep 1000iu a week is plenty. Just split that dose and do two injections of 500iu per week

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    My doctor offered me a choice is HCG with b12 in it and regular HCG any preference ?

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    might as well get the b12 if thats an option

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