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Thread: PCT brands/labs

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    PCT brands/labs

    Hi Dylan i may order some novaldex, clomid, letro and armidex from naps-gear.otg. im prone to estrogen conversion just naturally and i am looking to get anti-estros. Do u recommend any labs/ brands? Thank u very much. I appreciate ur advice

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    Check out the sources section on this forum. All the approved sources are verified, with great selections of legit ancillaries and PEDs. You'll be much better off.

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    PM for link to order

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    for fucks sake dont order there bro... go to the source section so you can get the proper help there

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    Thanks Dylan for setting up my account. I appreciate it. Which of the amti' aromatase do u recommend for my gyno that i believe is coming back. Most of it is just chest fat , no lump or tissue growth. Would letro n novl do it or adex n novl ?

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    aromasin is what you want...

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