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Thread: pct blood work timing

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    pct blood work timing

    Should blood work be done before PCT, after or both?
    Doing Rad-140, I would presume at 20mg suppress fairly significantly over 10wks. Not exactly feeling like bad per-say, don't have much in the way of symptoms, other than a bit of lethargy and i believe some testicular atrophy. I do have a full pct ready to go.

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    So if you feel you are suppressed id run 4 weeks of clomid at 25mg/day plus a natural test booster.

    You would want to run bloods about 4-6 weeks after you complete your PCT to allow the SERM to leave your body and see where you are from a test, LH, and FSH perspective.

    If they are still lower than your baseline then you need more time to recover before doing any other compounds unless its something that doesnt suppress like cardarine, sr9009, or mk677.

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    Get your bloods done after and just as AWM said get some natural test booster

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    you should be doing PRE, MID and POST cycle bloodowork... you need a baseline, then you need to see how things are effecting you and obviously you need post to see how you are recovering... all three are very important

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