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Thread: Ostarine vs Ligandrol. Better choice?

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    Ostarine vs Ligandrol. Better choice?

    I'm planning my next sarms cycle, aiming for lean muscle gains. I'm thinking on running MK-677 (which I'm already on, and plan to just continue), RAD-140, and then debating between LGD-4033 and MK-2866. Leaning towards the MK as it is less suppressive, but then again, if I'm going to run a mini pct anyway, maybe it doesnt matter, and should go with the stronger LGD? Any thoughts?


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    for sure brother... personally, i love mk2866 more and especially stacked with mk677... thats the route i would go personally

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    Experiment with each compound that's how I find out what works best for me. What works for others may not be what's best for you.

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    As I've always been advised, it's more of a personal choice but keep us posted.

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    you can always try one this time and the other next time too

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    Sounds good. Thanks guys!

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    Both are great. Lgd will bring more mass and strength, and mk2866 is good all the way around with less suppression

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    Quote Originally Posted by DL_00 View Post
    Sounds good. Thanks guys!
    happy to help bro

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    Things work diff for everyone. Keep lifting bro

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    One of my favourite stacks for lean muscle gains is a simple LGD + Cardarine stack. I think in your case, you have some great suggestions. Can't go wrong with either but since you have RAD, I would probably go with Ostarine over LGD in this case.
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