Hey everyone. First post so forgive me if I have done something incorrectly here.

I am currently running a strength cycle for ostarine at 25mg ED for 4 weeks followed by a 4 week break and repeating 3 times. My goal is NOT to put on mass/size, it is to gain strength. I am however not monitoring calories too strictly and so will no doubt gain some mass. I am a performance athlete who is required to be at a certain weight, therefor at the end of this I will be going onto a cutting cycle.

I plan to run S4 at 50mg for week 1-6 (this is before cutting starts)
I then at week 6-12 plan to add ostarine @25mg whilst still using s4 (week 6-12 is when I will be cutting)
I also plan on using Cardarine from week 4-16 @20mg.
I will be implementing a PCT from week 12-16 that includes: Cardarine (GW) @20mg. As well as clomid for 4 weeks as follows: 50/25/25/25. Whilst also using Man Sports: Nolvadren XT.

Is this a good cycle? Anything you would add/ do differently?