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    Ostarine results

    Sup guys, I'm going to apologize right off the bat for this book. But anyway quick background I started lifting around 10 years ago probably a hundred and thirty pounds and I've been full natty all the way up to around 6 weeks ago. I've been training for about 10 years, five of which were pretty solid, very on and off since. I've basically lost all my muscle and started at a little less than 145 lb pretty lean. Which I guess isnt too bad as a new base point and I was certainly more muscular than the average person.
    I've been back at it as hard as ever the last six or so months and I'm trying to get back up to the 170 at 10ish % where I was at my peak. I started an osta only cycle and I really love it. I'm running 25mg thru 12, as instructed from here. So here's my issue... I started the cycle fluctuating between around 152 to 155lbs, and I'm currently fluctuating between 156 and 160. I'm still the same about 15% body fat. But here I am 6 weeks later, still fluctuating between 156 and 160. The only problem is, I'm certainly gaining muscle. The fullness the roundness the size it's all coming pretty quick I'm seeing striations even at 15% in my shoulders my chest and so on. And I'm putting on weight on all my lifts... But the scale isn't moving.I'm sort of attributing this to the recomp aspect of the compound, but the problem is is my body fat hasn't really changed. I've had multiple people tell me how big I've gotten even my girlfriend who sees me everyday who really shouldn't be noticing small changes like that is like holy f*** dude what's going on. So basically I'm just a little confused here, I'm wondering if I should keep plugging away, if I should tweak my diet maybe a little bit, if I should add in another supplement not necessarily a drug but a supplement... I want to sort of run the full 12 all the big three by themselves before I start mixing things together. The absolute last choice I want to make would be upping the dosage 5 maybe 10 mg. I definitely rather attack my diet or maybe my training or something to that effect rather than just take more drugs. This is just my first time doing anything like this wondering exactly how to attack this kind of issue, if it is an issue at all.I know I'm not going to put on like 10 lb or anyting but I'm just wondering you know maybe what I should expect going forward and not really moving the dosage. I don't feel as though I hit a plateau but all my lifts went up real quick the first few weeks, a little bit more the last two weeks I definitely feel like things are slowing down a little bit in strength, but I seem to be growing pretty damn good still or recomping I guess I should say since I'm not really gaining any weight. I'm just looking maybe for like an explanation of what's going on, maybe if I did something wrong and you know what I can do about it pretty much. Thanks for any and all help everybody, stay swole y'all
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    where did you get your sarms?

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    Esarms and Proven, as I've heard great things from Es and proven posts batch tests. Proven is only 30 days tho, so that's my 8-12

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    Ditch the Proven. They say they batch test but look on the forums and peoples experience with them. They are horrible. No complaints that Ive seen with Esarms because its real stuff. Or talk to pharmalady

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJF45 View Post
    Esarms and Proven, as I've heard great things from Es and proven posts batch tests. Proven is only 30 days tho, so that's my 8-12
    Well you got 2/3 of the cycle right. That proven peptides stuff though...

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    brother, proven is a HORRIBLE place... read reviews on the site here and see terrible problems people are having with them

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    Thanks for the replies, guys. To be fair, I won't read reviews hosted by a competitor. That's a bit out there for me. Regardless, it hasn't been opened yet so how good or bad they are isn't really the issue here lol. It would be easy enough to swap a bottle for a bottle, that's the last thing I'm worried about. I just want to get the most I can in the next half of my cycle. Besides, my buddy had great results with them, no sides other than some suppression and a little bit of lipid movement. Seemed legit to me, I've seen them in action, batch tested... Why wouldn't I give em shot? I've watched basically every video on your channel and trust a lot of your advice, so I gave yall a shot too. This is my first time, can't blame me, eh? Not super easy to find a reliable source just starting out, with review bots and such and not too many people (at least that I know) do the stuff, y'all know how it goes I'm sure. Idk, you asked I was just being honest lol. Thanks for the replies though, really appreciate it.

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    how are competitors just random users? that literally makes no sense... you are acting like myself or someone else here created these people... these are people that came here with real issues and this is not the only site with those issues... did you really just say "review bots" bro? thats honestly insulting to even bring that my way

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    Ok, clearly there's been a misunderstanding lol. I'm certainly not insinuating anything, on your part, or the forum's. As far as the review bot thing, I was explaining how it's difficult for a first-timer to find reliable sources, because of that issue, which is a legitimate issue. However, that is in fact why I chose Esarms in the first place... Because of your input and the information found on this forum, vs. paid for review bots. So don't think my comment was a slight in any way. I value the information I get here.

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