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Thread: Ostarine + Proviron stack for libido/sex drive

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    Ostarine + Proviron stack for libido/sex drive

    Hello guys. I'm so happy I found this forum recently as there is not much info on other forums regarding SARM's and my issue.
    I'll go straight to the point.
    Almost 6 months ago i broke up with my girlfriend because of my impotency - My libido was low and my erections were weak. To this day I'm suffering because of it, I still love that girl and I think I will never get over her.
    Anyway, I started visiting endocrinologists and urologists after that, I changed several of them.
    I'm about to do new blood tests in a few days, and with previous tests I had elevated TSH and prolactine, my testosterone, free T, SHBG etc. were average (I will post updated results here in a few days). I did my pituitary and thyroid screening and they are normal. Doctor put me on T4 medication (levothyroxine) and I'm on 1.25mg bromocriptine last 30 days, but I don't feel much better to be honest. All of them (doctors) said that I'm perfectly fine and symptoms are coming from my head, although they have seen the results and my hormones are a little bit imbalanced.
    As for myself, I feel perfectly fine - I'm really killing the gym, I eat healthy, I train 6 times a week and feel very motivated in the gym - It's only the sex drive and weak erections causing me problem. I easily pack muscle mass, I lift very heavy in the gym. I have no urge to have sex, especially after break up. I'v been natty my entire life.
    Last few months, and before it, I tried to enhance my sex drive naturally - I take aswagandha, zma, vitamine D, tribulus, b complex, vitamine C, fish oil, good fats, lot of green veggies etc. but it's of no or very little use.
    Now, the reason I wrote all of this, I heard about proviron that it can enhance the sex drive and improve erections.
    I'm not interested in packing muscle mass I'm really satisfied the way I look, I'm only looking for something to give me boost as I don't feel like a man anymore.
    I heard ostarine at lower dosages is not very suppressive and can boost general well-being. So, i was wondering if someone can tell me, would it be smart in my case to try with it as I'm really getting desperate. It's been half a year I'm trying to fix my problem and I tried literally everything.

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    ostarine is not going to help your libido and its still suppressive even at lower doses... nothing like steroids but its still suppressive... proviron helps libido when your shbg is high... it lowers it and frees up bound testosterone... its not just some magical libido enhancer

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    Do you have any results from bloodwork? I'd be curious to see them. Elevated prolactin will hurt your drive and libido and you say that was elevated. You might need some low dose caber to bring that down.

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    My latest results.
    I dropped down my prolactine and TSH levels. T3 is still low, free T3 is good (I'v done it recently). Still awaiting my free testosterone results but it was high last time so I expect it to be the same.
    Thing is, I still feel no sex drive and my erections are weak. I'm willing to try proviron if I can have at least some benefits. My shbg is not high, estradiol is quite high. Maybe it will help?
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    The way proviron helps with libido is by lowering shbg and freeing up bound testosterone. Clearly thats not your problem

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    I don't know what else to do. I thought when I lower my prolactine and TSH my libido and erections will return to normal. Do you have any other suggestions, any steroid or medicament that can help my case? You can pm me if it's against forum rules.
    I tried literally everything to cure myself naturally for ages now (and I'm still doing it) - high dosages of aswagandha, zma, ginseng, tribulus, vitamine D, good fat intake from food and still it's like beating a dead horse down there. Cialis/Viagra doesn't work either. Doctors can't help, they told my all symptoms are coming from my head actually.
    I'm leading the healthiest life possible - Food is top notch, my workouts are great, I have no problems in life but this erection problems..
    I guess TRT will be my last resort as I really intend to have kids in near future but it doesn't look likely with my symptoms

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    Interestingly you didn't pull DHT?

    That - and its androgenic effects - are potentially the single most important thing about sex drive. And why androgenics like Proviron and Masteron *can* help with drive, regardless of SHBG (but not always).

    Maybe, the only other thing I can see is that your E2 - while pretty good - is potentially on the slightly higher side considering your Test is middle-range. That T:E2 ratio isn't bad but maybe not exactly ideal and you're susceptible to such small changes.

    Otherwise, it isn't hormonal and you're potentially over-trained and over-dieted. Take a good 5 days off, lower your protein, up your fats and carbs slightly, up your salt, and see if you start firing again.

    Up your nitric oxide foods. Eat watermelon, avocado. Take Citrulline Malate. Pomegranate juice. Is your penis in "good condition"? Do you do kegels, both regular and reverse? Do you stretch your groin so your pelvic floor isn't tight? Do you have lower back pain?

    The only time it's REALLY your hormones - and they've got to be pretty damn far out - is when for example you take Viagra - and even it doesn't work. Because the underlying foundation for the mechanical and physiological processes to happen, aren't happening.

    I can guarantee you, most guys who claim 'they don't work', with 120mg of V, a bit of relaxation and a tight little bod in front of them, work just fine and dandy.

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    I agree with the above. I noticed E2 being a little high, which could be part of it. Ideally you would want to be in the 20s to 30s. That may help you. DHT could be a factor bit it's hard to say without those numbers

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    i would just discuss it with your endocrinologist

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