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Thread: Ostarine pct/Nolvadex

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    Ostarine pct/Nolvadex

    I?m approaching the end of my Ostarine/Cardarine 12 week cycle. I got the sarms from and have had pretty good results! My question is about pct dosage. I have Nolvadex on hand and will continue the cardarine for 4 more weeks as well. So the Nolvadex dosing is 40mg per day for the first week and then 20mg per day for the following 3 weeks, correct?

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    You will get varying opinions on the dosing. Personally I prefer SERMs to be dosed pretty low compared to most. I would do 20mg per day for 4 weeks if I ran that cycle.

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    yes, thats correct

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    Okay, thanks guys. As always, I appreciate the help here!

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    no problem

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    Agreed I just do 25mg clomid a day 4 weeks or nolva 20mg/day 4 weeks.

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