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Thread: Ostarine cycle Testicle pain (week 3 of 25mg)

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    Ostarine cycle Testicle pain (week 3 of 25mg)

    Hello all,

    So I started liquid OStarine 3 weeks ago at 25 mg a day. Goal is to do 12 weeks Just started getting some minor testicle ache that has lasted the past 3/4 days now... Woke up today and it is definitely feeling better. I know Ostarine has potential to suppress Testosterone but based on my research that doesn't seem to be too common. Is this normal for Ostarine? I bought it from (internet reviews seem to be legit).

    I've also noticed some lack of motivation to workout as well as lower sex drive. No erectile dysfunction or anything. These have been my only negative side effects... As of this morning I am feeling better all around though so thats good.

    Also while i'm posting, what type of PCT would you recommend? I only have "Black Ox" at the moment but would be willing to using other supplements that are better suited.... Unfortunately 3 years ago I took a SARM that my have been a different supplement (Or my body just created estrogen from the SARM) and I developed minor Gyne... Want to prevent this from worsening.

    Thank you all!

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    they are a million miles from legit... you should never be having this kind of issue... they are literally one of the worst companies out there with a slew of fake reviews etc... STOP using that shit asap!

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    Appreciate the info brotha... Do I need a PCT now? OR can I order from Sarms for sale and start over?

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    oh man is hot garbage man they are known for putting prohormones and/or oral steroids in their sarms.

    They used to, same scammers.

    Its tough I mean you are 3 weeks in so I would def stop obviously but its really up to you to PCT or not.

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    you need to pct... clomid or nolva... i sent you the instructions by pm... theres no need to ask me here and on pm.. its just making me repeat myself twice which i dont have time to do... has EVERYTHING you need ... thats where you want your clomid or nolva as well as your sarms...

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    I am certainly glad you came here before continuing with that garbage. Once you are all through recover and are ready again, check out
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    Thanks for the input! Yesterday was the last day of taking what ever the fuk I was taking... nolva and natural booster will be arriving Thursday, also will be getting blood work done before hand... Is there a certain number of days to wait prior to starting PCT?

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    no, start pct right now

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    yea as dylan said start now its not like steroids that can have long ester chains sarms are taken daily because of the short half life so no issue with starting immediately in actuality the sooner the better as nolva will help you jump start your HPTA and get your body producing LH and FSH. This is turn helps produce testosterone. Without it recovery is a long miserable process.

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    Thanks again guys! Saved me big time.... I won?t be able to start until Thursday, that 2/3 day gap won?t be a problem?

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