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Thread: T3 Liothyronine Sodium

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    T3 Liothyronine Sodium

    Hi, took some bad advice to cycle T3 alongside Test Cyp for the whole cycle. I have take for a total of 3 week 25mg per day week 1 and 50mg per day week 2&3 I am planning just stopping straight away. From what I've read havnt hit high doses or taken for extended period of time so this should be OK?
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    Good idea dropping it and you can use something like this if you want:

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    yes, you need to drop that shit asap... it has no place unless you have a thyroid issue... if you are looking for extra help with losing weight, then go with sarms... gw501516 and sr9009 at

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    I never recommend using T3 for weight loss. That is an extremely outdated method just like using clen. I just would hate to see someone deal with a fucked up thyroid because they abused thyroid drugs. Stick to more modern fat loss compounds like cardarine and SR-9009 from
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    t3 is junk, use SARMS

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