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Thread: Ostarine and Cardarine 4 week stack

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    Ostarine and Cardarine 4 week stack

    Hello guys, I'm new in this community and to sarms in general. I'm interested in running a 4 week cycle of ostarine for body recomposition. I have lost about 20 pounds so far and I'm siting at 223lb at 6 ft. I know many are against running such a short cycle but I wanna give it a try. My main concern is pct. I was considering stacking ostarine and cardarine for 4 weeks and run pct with a general over the counter test booster and cardarine for another 4 weeks. Do you think nolva or clomid is necessary for this cycle or would it be overkill? Thanks!

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    you can run it 4 weeks if you want just don't expect much mate . I'm now into my third sarms cycle and I can tell you I find most of my best gains are weeks 6-10. That's just me personally and I would be still running clomid or nolva as a pct is you do 4 weeks. Again I think your cycle length is pointless but your call mate.

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    4 weeks= complete waste of time

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    great job on losing the weight bro, thats awesome however this is a complete waste of time and money... 4 weeks is rather pointless... its a 12 week cycle... they wont even start to peak until week 8... you can do what you want but noone here is going to advise you to just throw away time and money

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    to answer your question - no, you don't need a pct, ostarine isn't supressive the first 4 weeks and cardarine is also non hormonal , but as others have told you , it's a complete waste of money

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    Thanks for the replies guys! I will definitely consider going for at least an 8 or 10 week cycle. Do you guys recommend an AI for running osta for 12 weeks? Thanks!

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    Real sarms don't convert to estrogen so it's not required,definetly make an effort to run a 12 weeks cycle

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    sarm do not convert to estrogen, so no, it is not recommended

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