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    Is ostarine safe for a 20 year old? I have read some people say yes it’s okay so have started my cycle yesterday, but have now seen people say that it’s not. I am 21 beginning of January. What do people think, I’m getting a bit anxious whether to continue or not ? Cheers

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    At 20yrs old you shouldn’t need a PED to make significant improvements in whatever your goal may be. Some people may say it’s safe physically, but psychologically do you want to be jumping to a foreign substance so young.

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    You think I will be okay doing this first cycle and then see how I feel?

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    There are definitely other guys on here who could advise you better than me. I was just talking from personal preference.

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    Thanks for your help, I’ll wait for others to reply .

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    you keep asking the same questions about this... if you are seriously that concerned then you should not be using anything, period... if you are worried about it, stop and wait until your comfortable... it almost sounds like your forcing yourself or looking for one small bit of justification... if you have concerns, just hold off..

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